Document Management (RC-DMS)

Document Management System (RC-DMS)

Objective of the Document Management System (RC-DMS)

The Rescop Document Management System stores, manages and processes quality documentation in an efficient, effective and safe manner. Users are able to publish SOPs, validation documentation, batch records etc., in accordance with GxP regulations.

The Rescop Document Management System manages the entire document lifecycle. Users can create and revise documents, send documents to peers or management for review and once approved they can publish documents to the organization in a user-friendly interface.

Main functionalities of the Document Management System (RC-DMS)

  • Creation and maintenance of document content and generation of .pdf versions;
  • Content creation by either uploading of documents with common file types or based on templates, forms and protocols;
  • Storage, review and approval of documentation;
  • Publish and search for documentation;
  • Configure document (sub)types and corresponding review and approval workflows;
  • Configurable roles and rights;
  • User interface depending on roles and rights;
  • Version Management;
  • Schedule and register document reading;
  • Schedule and trigger periodic review of documents;
  • Possibility to print authentic copies;
  • Management Reporting.
  • Benefits of the Document Management System (RC-DMS)

Rescop can offer you the Document Management System which is GxP compliant and enables a standardized and efficient document workflow. Documentation is centrally and readily retrievable in a secure manner. With the Rescop Document Management System you can maintain paperless compliance and be 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Annex 11 ready. Document Management System

Document Management System workflow

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