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Electronic Lab Notebook System (RC-ELN)
The Electronic Lab Notebook System replaces the traditional laboratory notebooks to reduce time and paper and ensures that all data is still managed in a secured way. The Rescop Electronic Lab Notebook System stores, manages and publishes records of research projects in accordance with GxP or non-GxP regulations.
Laboratory Information Management System (RC-LIMS)
As a laboratory you manage data, monitor progresses, set KPIs for laboratory management and at the same time you would like to have interfaces with other software applications for your laboratory processing phases. The Rescop Laboratory Information Management System controls, supports and manages the entire sample life cycle, in accordance with GxP regulations.
Deviation and CAPA System (RC-Deviation)
Regulated industries face the challenge of maintaining a consistent level of quality regarding the CAPA processes within an organization. Therefore, it is of vital importance to perform systematic investigations with the support of Deviation and CAPA Software to approach non-conformances and you will be guided through a configurable workflow to minimize risks.
Document Management System (RC-DMS)
The Rescop Document Management System stores, manages and processes quality documentation in an efficient, effective and safe manner. Users are able to publish SOPs, validation documentation, batch records etc., in accordance with GxP regulations.
Quality Management Suite (RC-QMS)
Our quality management suite RC-QMS forms a comprehensive solution for quality and compliance management within GxP regulated industries. It contains products for all key quality management processes, and these products have been designed in such a way that they integrate seamlessly with each other, to enable an efficient and fully paperless quality management system.

Comprehensive solutions for quality and compliance management within GxP regulated industries

A fully web based solution, which runs on the common browsers and is cross-platform compatible to allow for use on any device type, including pc’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Furthermore, we offer IT services and solutions to establish and maintain a GxP-compliant and reliable IT infrastructure and application landscape for continuous business operations.
Our portfolio provides a full solution for ensuring permanent inspection readiness in an efficient way. Moreover, our software products enable paperless validation and compliance.


We believe that a single all-in-one platform should provide all aspects that a GxP Compliant company needs. With our product you can be compliant without any paper.


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