Comprehensive solutions for quality and compliance management within GxP regulated industries.

A fully web based solution, which runs on the common browsers and is cross-platform compatible to allow for use on any device type, including pc’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, we offer IT services and solutions to establish and maintain a GxP-compliant and reliable IT infrastructure and application landscape for continuous business operations.
Our portfolio provides a full solution for ensuring permanent inspection readiness in an efficient way. Moreover, our software products enable paperless validation and compliance.

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Rescop is inviting you to our complimentary webinars to discover how a Validation Lifecycle Management application can facilitate and improve your compliance to GxP in a lean and green way.

Organizations are often generating a lot of paper and projects are regularly going out of time and exceed budget limits. So the question is: how can you eliminate paper documentation and slow approval processes and still maintain your facilities and IT systems in a validated state and ensure inspection readiness at any time?